3 Fast Recipes to Make Best Fondant Icing 

Fondant Cake Decorations Recipe

 The best fondant I’ve worked with … I got this recipe from my dear sister in law, who has been working with it for a long time, and I stubbornly stuck to this recipe with glycerin and fruit sugar. You can feel the difference.


  1. 17-20 oz of sugar 
  2. 2 oz butter
  3. 2 oz of honey 
  4. 0.20 oz of gelatin + 2 tablespoons of water 
  5. a few drops of vanilla flavor


Step 1: Mix gelatin with 2 tablespoons of water and allow to swell. Melt honey and butter over low heat. Remove from heat. Put the swollen gelatin in warm and stir to dissolve the gelatin.

Step 2: Put 17 oz of sugar into a bowl, add the melted honey, butter and gelatin and mix them well, then knead. Add the remaining 3 oz of sugar and mix again.

Step 3: The obtained fondant is nicely supple and easy to handle. If some specific colors are desired, separate the piece and mix the color. The color should be dissolved in 1-2 drops of water beforehand.

This fondant is not so sensitive to higher temperatures and the cake can stand in the fridge without problems.

If you are making a bigger cake, such as 25 cm in diameter and about 19 cm in height, it is best to immediately double the fondant. Then use about 2/3 to cover the fondant and the rest to decorate. 

Fondant Without Glycerin

This fondant is easy to prepare and you can use it for cakes or cake decorating figurines.


  1. 30 ml water
  2. 0.2 oz gelatin 
  3. 1.7 oz butter
  4. 1 tablespoon of honey
  5. 17 oz powdered sugar 
  6. coloring for cakes as needed


Step 1: Soak cold water with gelatin and let stand for 10 minutes. During this time, melt the honey over low heat, then add the butter and stir until it is dissolved.

Step 2: Add the swollen gelatin to the combined hot mass and stir until the gelatin is well dissolved and combined with the mass. 

Step 3: Put half a measure of sugar in a bowl of kneaded fondant, then shake the mixture with gelatin and stir with a spoon, until you can and then start with your hands, gradually adding powdered sugar. 

If you paint the mass in one color then you can immediately add color. If you color the fondant subsequently, in multiple colors, then separate the fondant part and insert the color with the help of a toothpick into the fondant.

Chocolate Fondant Icing Recipe

Easy to prepare, looks great! 

  1. Ingredients: 
  2. 12 oz of chocolate 
  3. 125 ml of liquid glucose 
  4. 2 egg whites 
  5. 28 oz of powdered sugar

 Don’t have liquid glucose? Take 150 g of fructose (fruit sugar) and heat it with 2 tablespoons of water until it becomes syrup – it’s a substitute for liquid glucose!


Step 1: Put the chocolate and glucose to melt, stir here and there to make it smooth. Remove from heat and let cool slightly, but not too much.

Step 2: Mix egg white with solid snow. In a larger bowl put the snow and chocolate and glucose mixture with 3 tablespoons powdered sugar.

Step 3: Add the sugar slowly to the mixture and mix until you get the structure you want!

 It can be used immediately, or stored in plastic wrap at room temperature for about 2 weeks. If stored in the refrigerator before preparation, you have to place it in the microwave for only for 10-15 seconds to dissolve and then apply it on the fondant!


You can easily cover a cake with a diameter of 26 cm! It’s best to roll it thin. Coat the cake with jam or buttercream before applying to make the fondant better! 

These are 3 Fast Recipes to Make Best Fondant Icing. For more recipes please check our Recipe Category.

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