3 Natural Remedies for Your Liver

Our liver is a very special organ – even when it is damaged by more than 50%, it can be fully restored. The mechanism for regenerating liver is still not completely clear. Keeping your liver healthy by using 3 Natural Remedies for Liver can be the key to looking and feeling in top form.

The liver is the most important metabolic organ in the body.

Among other tasks, it has the role of purifying the blood from toxins and poisons.

3 Natural Remedies for Fatty Liver

The health of our liver is compromised.

Today’s world is different from the world we once lived in. A hundred years ago, all the foreign substances that man encountered came from the plant world.

Renew your liver with natural remedies.

Siccata, licorice and dandelion help your liver recover. Large selection of natural products and good prices.

In our modern day, we have created thousands of new chemical compounds that do not exist in nature. Many chemical compounds are part of our diet (preservatives, flavors, colors). We introduce others with the medications many of us use on a daily basis. Chemistry is also used in cosmetics, cleaning products, stationery, textiles, etc.

All these chemicals go through our liver every day which has to deal with this burden. In most cases, our liver manages to clean the blood of these toxins. However, there are situations where the liver is really overloaded and needs help, for example:

  1. Liver disease

  2. Poisoning

  3. Drug overdose

  4. Alcoholic liver disease

  5. Malnutrition over a long period of time

Liver Protecting Plants

1. Sikelet (Silybum marianum)

The main active ingredient in siccava is silymarin. Silymarin is a complex of various compounds (silibin A and B, iso-silibin, silicristin, siliidin, flavonoids such as quercetol and toxifolin, etc.). These compounds together play a role in the regeneration and protection of the liver.

Research has been conducted with the green navel, which is one of the most toxic fungi that causes serious damage to the liver. 30% of the patients that have this fungi end up deceased.

In the study, silymarin was administered before consumption of this fungus and 10 minutes after consumption of the fungus. In both groups, siccata provided 100% effective protection against the action of the green navel poison. Silymarin is a strong antioxidant (10 times more potent than Vitamin E). Increases liver glutathione level by 35%. Glutathione is responsible for cleansing the liver from a wide range of toxins.


  1. 70-240 mg siccules three times a day (dosage depends on the strength of the individual product on the market)
  2. 40 mg silymarin three times a day


Our body can become accustomed to silymarin. Therefore, take it for 2 weeks, so take a 2 week break. You can then repeat the therapy.


Eat a dandelion! This plant grows in every garden. Collect dandelion leaves, wash them and add it to your salad. You can also find dandelion in health food stores in the form of tinctures or capsules. Dandelion is incredibly useful when it comes to the health of the liver and other organs associated with it.

  1. This herb is used successfully in the treatment of many liver diseases. Such as hepatitis, inflammation of the liver, liver stones, liver failure, jaundice, etc. Dandelion acts as a tonic for the liver and helps its function.


  1. 4-8 ml of fresh dandelion juice (1-2 teaspoons) once a day
  2. 2-8 mg of dried dandelion root once a day, in tea
  3. 4-8 ml of dandelion extract once a day (diluted in water or tea)

3.Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra)

The Chinese have long used this plant to treat their liver. The Liver Disease Research Group and Shanxi Medical College conducted studies that confirmed that licorice neutralizes toxins in the liver. Studies also confirm that licorice increases the production of interferon, commonly used to treat hepatitis B. Since 1950, doctors in both East and West have successfully used glycyrrhizin – a compound derived from licorice – to treat hepatitis. In Japan, glycyrrhizin has proven to be so effective that it has become a standard part of therapy for this disease.


7-8 grams of licorice root daily

You can use alternative methods such as acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, magnetic therapy, aromatherapy, and homeopathy at the same time as herbs to restore your liver faster.

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