7 Amazing Hacks If You Want to Stay Healthy

Did you happen to keep a consistent diet and not lose weight as you expected? Dietitians say there are several causes for this phenomenon. Follow the following 7 Amazing Hacks If You Want to Stay Healthy: 

Lack of vitamins 

Individuals who supplement their diet with extra vitamins are less hungry than those who don’t, according to a research in Canada. 

Solution: Take a test to check if you are missing any vitamin and immediately go to the pharmacy, or look for foods rich in that type of vitamin. They can be B vitamins that help burn fat and reduce stress if it has flown out of control.

A proper Breakfast: fruit oranges, apples, pears, lemons, a glass of juice and a plate of oatmeal

The mass of food rations 

Over the last 30 years, the average size of a dish has increased from 23cm to 33cm, as has the rations. “Many of us have forgotten how normal weights are,” says Scottish dietician Fiona Kirk. 

Solution: Fiona recommends using carbohydrates or protein rations no larger than the punch and filling the rest of the plate with fruits and vegetables. 

*Of course you should use smaller dishes so that there is no more room left. 

Intestinal bacteria

The reason why you don’t have the perfect body even though you have tried a lot of meal plans might be the bacteria that live in the digestive system. A researcher in the Washington University School of Medicine has observed two types of bacteria found in the gut: bacteroides and firmworms. He found that obese people had a greater amount of firmware and that when they started their diet, their amount decreased and that of the first group increased, in line with the loss of fat. 

Solution: While nothing has been found so far that can raise bacteroid levels. However, increasing bacterial levels would generally increase the number of carbohydrate breakdowns. The best way is to get more probiotic foods. They supply levels of healthy bacteria including leeks, garlic and bananas and avoid antibiotics that can kill them. You can also take a daily probiotic drink like yogurt.

Sitting down without exercising or walking for a long time

Solution: Take a break every half hour – get up and walk for 3 minutes.

Everyday Positive Thinking

Researchers in the Netherlands have found that people who think positively when starting a diet have better results than doubters. Coach Alyssa Abey says that if your brain knows you’re doing something that will make you feel bad, stop it. This way you will feel every piece of cake you leave behind on the dessert shelf. 

Solution: Focus on the reasons you are going to lose weight and tell yourself what you are going to do. It is also good to note the weight goals on a piece of paper. “I advise everyone to take notes and check it before doing anything that tests the promise”, says Jennifer Garner’s personal trainer, Valerie Waters.

The best way to stay hydratedDrink Water


Overcome Proteins 

Many studies have concluded that proteins accelerate weakening and strengthen muscles.

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