7 Secret Techniques to Clear Sinus and Ear

Apply One of These 7 Secret Techniques to Clear Sinus and Ear

The sinuses are inflammation that affects the superficial mucosa of the sinuses. Allergies, flu, bacteria or colds can cause it.

Sinuses usually occur as a result of flu, viral infection or allergies. This is more common during the winter, and can affect any adult or child with allergies, colds, flu or bacterial infection in the airways. 

Acute sinuses last about 30 days, and at an early stage the symptoms are hardly distinguishable from common flu or allergic rhinitis, with headaches and fever in common.

As always, nature offers simple remedies for curing a problem like this. Here are some of the natural remedies that will help clearing sinus:

Apple cider vinegar

  • Is a powerful medicine in curing sinus inflammation. Apple cider vinegar is useful in healing many different health conditions, but it is mainly used to cure sinus inflammation. Mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, 8 ml of warm water and 1 tablespoon of honey.


  • Is known for relieving and preventing headaches. In addition, it is an anti-infection drug that relieves pain.


  • Relieves sore throat. It can also help reduce intact tissue in the sinuses. 

Lemon juice

  • Is excellent in the fight against viruses and bacteria. Also, use it in tea as it clears the throat. 

Antioxidant-rich foods

  • Help build the immune system as well as prevent infection early. These include: blueberries, cherries, lemons, oranges, tangerines, etc. 


  • Offers good results in alleviating flu, as well as boosting the functioning of the immune system. Use a larger amount at the beginning of the disease, but after three or four days, you should reduce the amount. However, be careful if you are allergic. 

Vitamin C and zinc

  • Can shorten the duration of cooling and reduce symptoms. Take capsules, especially during the frequent cold season.

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