Bananas are very healthy but be careful!

More than 50% of the bananas we eat today are genetically modified and are dangerous to our health!

Unfortunately, more and more foods are genetically modified. Soya is is the most genetically modified food, so please avoid it.

Bananas are very healthy, nutritious, rich in vitamins and minerals, especially potassium (which is very good for the heart). But just like other foods can be GMOs, so can be bananas. So take good care of who you buy and how they look.

Artificial appearance, unnatural size may mean that they are genetically modified. It is easier for manufacturers to sell them because they will make money. They don’t care if they poison you.

Fruits and vegetables are often genetically modified and it is no wonder why more and more people are suffering from cancer. So take your food according to the season, it is not normal for example tomatoes to be present throughout the year. If so, then something is wrong.

Pay attention to the bananas, their appearance and where they come from. Be well informed before you buy them.

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