Benefits of Red Rice Over Cholesterol

Famous Doctor Reveals: This food lowers bad cholesterol in record time

High cholesterol can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attack and stroke. There are two types of cholesterol in the body. HDL is the good and LDL the bad one which The Benefits of Red Rice can stabilize. 

HDL is needed for the process of the calf to get rid of was amounts of cholesterol. The whole process consists of transporting it from the tissues to the liver for processing. As a result, the liver is not seeded and can process only a certain amount. Therefore, the level will need to be kept under control.

Doctors recommend a change in lifestyle, but in addition to healthy lifestyles, there is one ingredient that can significantly improve the condition – says doctor Chris Style, who has been researching this disease for years. Research has shown that red rice is a possible ally in solving this problem.

Red rice is a type of fermented rice that is very popular in the Indonesian kitchen, but is also available and can be easily found in our health food stores.

This rice is being used as a high cholesterol drug for over a year now where it helps people in need. One study involving 25 people showed that red rice lowered LDL cholesterol by 21% over a two-month period. A single study, which lasted 8 weeks and involved 79 people, had similar results.

Participants consumed 600 mg of red rice as a supplement, twice daily.


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