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The use of pomegranate has regained popularity lately is due to large Vitamin C containment. Recent studies have shown that pomegranate could help relieve pain and increase the mobility of joints affected by arthritis. Also, it has been found that in the dried bangs and in the products obtained from processing these fruits, a considerable part of this unstable vitamin can be retained.


Pomegranate is also a rich source of carotene and vitamin P. The pomegranate also has vitamin E and vanillin, of which the broken bones have a pleasant odor. Because of vitamin C that it contains, pomegranate serves as a means of boosting immunity. Pomegranate also contains tresses that have the ability to tighten, and this alleviates diarrhea problems, especially those caused by fever.

Pectins and organic acids from pomegranates have a diuretic effect, and organic acids stimulate the secretion of digestive juices, thus relieving gastritis. People who easily collect sand and calculus in their kidneys or bladder should drink  pomegranate tea for long periods.

Immunity boosting tea

Mix 10 grams of pomegranate, 20 grams of chamomile, 20 grams of called, 10 grams of lemon balm, 10 grams of blueberries, 10 grams of nettle, 10 grams of yarrow, 5 grams of calendula and 5 grams of hibiscus. Pour a teaspoon of the mixture over a cup of hot water, let it stand for 10 minutes and strain.

Blood Purification Mixture

Mix 20 grams of pomegranate, 10 grams of birch leaves and 10 grams of puree. While preparing the tea, pour a teaspoon of the mixture over a cup of boiling water, leave it covered for 15 minutes and strain. Drink three cups of tea a day.

Against the buildup of kidney stones

Cook the crushed-seed tea for half an hour, then allow it to stand for another hour. It tastes good because the seeds contain vanillin. In folk medicine it is used for calculus, kidney and bladder diseases, as well as rheumatism

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