Chicken Skin Healthy? Doctors give the right answer

Should we eat chicken skin? Doctors give the right answer


It is believed that chicken skin can increase cholesterol levels and blood pressure by increasing the risk of heart disease. Check out our article below on Chicken Skin Healthy? Doctors give the right answer. 

But recent studies have shown that these conclusions are not true, and it is not necessary to remove chicken skin before cooking or eating it.

Health experts from Harvard University confirmed that eating chicken skin, especially in small quantities, will not cause any health problems. Beside this, the skin that many people have avoided for decades has several benefits, including:


Heart health


Chicken skin contains unsaturated fat, a type of fat that is good for your health. Unsaturated fat can help lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels by regulating hormones.


Calories are not that high and moreover it tastes so good.


You don’t have to worry about oil.

Cooking chicken at a high temperature can make the food very fat, but when it comes to chickens, the latter’s skin absorbs the latter by turning into a cartilage and the meat inside remains soft.

It is also worth mentioning that chicken skin also has significant amounts of omega 6 and if eaten in large quantities can lead to health problems. That is why moderation is always the key. In addition, burnt skin should also be avoided.

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