Feeling Tired? Try These Foods to Boost Energy 

Feeling Tired? Try These Foods to Boost Energy


Do you always feel tired? 

Fatigue can affect your work performance, relationships, and the way you live your daily life. But why are you so tired and what can you do to restore your energy? 

This is not only annoying, but it can also negatively affect your daily life. The Royal College of Psychiatrists claims that at any given time, one in 10 people has prolonged fatigue. At the same time, figures from Healthspan show that 97% of us claim to feel tired most of the time.

It might be too obvious, yet the main reason why people are tired is the lack of sleep. This can affect your mood, ability to work and function properly, but also your physical health. 

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults should have 7-9 hours of sleep a night. To ensure a good sleep you can take a warm shower. Have a hot and decaffeinated drink and stop all screens at least one hour before bed. 

Don’t smoke – Smoking is probably the most important thing you can do for your health. Women who smoke after the age of 35 add about six to eight years to their lives.

Legumes are generally a rich source of high quality protein with essential amino acids, so it’s no surprise they serve as a substitute for meat. They contain many vitamins, especially those of group B, especially folic acid, which is valuable for pregnant women. They are full of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium and soluble and insoluble fibers. After this brief overview it is clear that we need to eat chickpeas as often as possible. 

Chickpeas and red pepper for more energy: One in five women have low iron levels. Consuming iron-rich foods will not help much if the body is unable to consume food. “Iron coming from plants in our body is often difficult to digest,” says Heather Mangieri, owner of a Nutrition Center in Pittsburgh. Iron in chickpeas digests faster in the body if you add red pepper. Exactly vitamin C from peppers is essential to facilitate the absorption of iron.

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