Hair loss prevention! Read this tip on how to save your hair!

This shampoo saved my hair from falling out! It restored my luster and volume and now it is more beautiful than before

This is a recipe for shampoo and Hair loss prevention that prevents hair loss, promotes rapid growth, restores hair shine, volume and elasticity. 100% proven recipe that works

Hair is a symbol of femininity and beauty, but unfortunately, due to the frequent treatment of hair with chemicals (dyeing, induration), heat (drying, leveling), tying and inadequate care, hair breaks, becomes dry, sparse or damaged.

All of these factors, with daily stress and changes in the body, cause rapid hair loss. To alleviate hair loss and contribute to its beauty, we recommend this shampoo.

It is simple to prepare and 100% efficient. After a few hair washing you will notice that it will decrease less, be stronger and shiny and only after a couple of months of regular use you will notice new fibers and larger volume


  • Nettle Shampoo (a plain one)
  • Panthenol 100 ml (aqueous solution)
  • 30 ml nettle droplets (one bottle)
  • AD drops, 30 ml aqueous solution (one vial)
  • Ricinus oil 50 ml
  • 2 ampoules of vitamin B.

*all ingredients can be purchased at the pharmacy.


In a 750 ml nettle shampoo, mix 100 ml of Panthenol bottle, 30 ml of nettle drop, 30 ml of AD droplet and castor oil.

Stir well!

How this shampoo works:

Believe it or not, this shampoo is a real vitamin bomb for your scalp and therefore for your hair.


It speeds up peripheral circulation and nourishment of the scalp and accelerates the metabolic processes inside the epidermis. By doing so, all other ingredients in this shampoo will be absorbed faster and better.


Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) acts on maintaining the proper function of the scalp and stimulating its regenerative processes.

Castor Oil

Strengthens hair cuticles. It is rich in vitamin E and ricinoleic acid. Vitamin E is an important antioxidant and prevents the effects of free radicals and their harmful effects on the scalp and hair roots.

Castor oil in addition to its regenerative properties acts antifungal (destroys fungi responsible for dandruff).

It acts as a protective, soothing and healing effect on the scalp, while removing dead cells from the scalp with its dense and sticky consistency, thereby preventing follicles from clogging which may affect slow growth.

AD drops

Vitamin A acts on various physiological functions in the human body, what is important for the hair is its regenerative effect on the scalp, ie. epithelial tissue differentiation.

Vitamin B complex

Nourishes hair and restores firmness to hair.


I’ve been using this shampoo for three months now and have only positive comments. My hair has stopped falling, it is now healthier, more elastic and shiny. The growth speed has doubled, and at the touch my hair is soft and gentle. The shampoo has a very fluid consistency, so shake well before each use. As it is watery, I recommend pouring the required amount into the palm of your hand first and then applying it to your hair well. 

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Massage the scalp for a few minutes, once it has cooled, to increase the circulation and reabsorption of the ingredients, allowing it to act a bit and then rinse thoroughly. After that you can apply a mask or hair regenerator if you feel dry, and I don’t need it myself. If you have dry hair, put half a bottle of nettle drops, as the nettle can dry out the hair.

If you have pronounced hair loss, I recommend drinking nettle tea, controlling hormone status and blood count, as iron deficiency can lead to hair loss. You can buy the shampoo in any market and the other ingredients in any pharmacy.

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