Headaches and Vitamins

Vitamin deficiencies cause you headache and migraines


Temperamental people, who have low resistance to stress, have a tendency towards migraines. In addition, the predisposition can be hereditary, and the occurrence of headaches can also depend on gender (women suffer from migraines more often than men). Constant stress and nervousness also have a serious impact on health, especially have a big role on your headaches.


In addition to these factors, the quality of the diet plays a big role in that. Scientists have discovered that a lack of certain vitamins and macro elements can be the cause of headaches.

We have compiled a list of such vitamins and macro elements.


Folic acid. Vitamin B12

Due to the insufficient content of these substances in the body, a person becomes forgetful, distracted, irritable. Moreover, when a headache occurs, we take medications that contain aspirin, and it lowers the level of folic acid and vitamin B12.


To make up for this deficiency, you need to eat spinach, pumpkin, broccoli, asparagus, avocado, beets, carrots and eggs. Try to include these foods in your daily diet and you will see that you will feel better.


Copper and iron

They are also important macro elements. Their deficiency most often occurs in women, and that leads to the development of anemia, migraine, hypotension, depression and fatigue.

You can get these important substances from walnuts, beans, goat cheese, avocado, lettuce, seeds, liver, algae.


Vitamin B6

Deficiency of this vitamin leads to the development of vascular diseases. To prevent this, eat more beans, liver, fresh vegetables, and cereals. In this way, you will preserve the health of vital organs, such as the heart and brain, and you will also strengthen the nervous and cardiovascular system.


Vitamin D

An important vitamin that is created in the body when exposed to sunlight. In the autumn-winter period, there is not enough sun, so you must make sure that the diet contains foods rich in this vitamin, which are eggs, legumes, liver, seafood and all dairy products.


Remember that a healthy diet, sleep, walks in the fresh air and exercise are the key to health and longevity! A healthy lifestyle  with vitamin inclusion reduces the frequency and intensity of migraines. 

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