How does coffee affect diabetes?

Not all types of diabetes are manifested with the same symptoms as excessive thirst for water and numbness of the hands and feet, therefore we should be aware of these mild signs that indicate that we might have something unusual in the blood.  Some of these signs are: unpleasant skin changes, your eyesight is surprisingly improved, relentless itching, the hearing is impaired. 


Untreated or poorly treated diabetes certainly creates complications. These complications are diverse, for example according to the time of onset, they can be divided into acute complications (acute, urgent). Complications caused by damage to the capillaries of the blood and small arteries are the most characteristic and typical of diabetes. They usually appear 3-10 years after its onset, but only in cases where treatment has not been done carefully and continuously. Eye complications appear and are seen in the capillaries inside the eye, precisely in the layer called the retina. Diabetes as a result of persistent hyperglycemia for a long time of tens of years can damage the thin capillaries of the glomeruli and thus inhibit the filtration and functioning of the kidney as a whole. This complication is called diabetic nephropathy.

So, how does coffee affect diabetes?

It has been evidenced, in various studies, that the consumption of two cups of black coffee has reduced the risk of developing this disease, diabetes. In fact, it has been proven that coffee increases blood sugar and insulin levels, and this is manifested in those affected by this pathology, on days when they consume coffee, the blood sugar level stays higher.


It is thought that when consumed longer it leads to a genetic adaptation response that favors the development of the disease. Therefore, coffee prevents diabetes from appearing in healthy people, while diabetics drink coffee, it raises blood sugar levels, thus worsening it.


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