How to Prepare 3 Fat Free Chicken Salad Recipes Faster Than You Ever Imagined

Diabetic Chicken Salad with Grapes

A quick salad ideal for lunch or a light dinner.

Ingredients (4people):

1/2 kg-1kg chicken breast

1/2 lemon 

5 tablespoons of mayonnaise

2-3 tablespoons of low carb sour cream

1 tablespoon of mustard 

2 celery stalks 

1/2 red onion or young onion

Chopped nuts – optionally

1 tablespoon of dried grapes 

1 lettuce


Step 1: Cook chicken over low heat with some salt and pepper in water. It is important to cover the pan while the chicken is cooked. Cook for about 15, 20 minutes. 

Step 2: When the chicken is cooked, remove it from the water and cut it into small pieces.

Step 3: Mix half a lemon juice, mayonnaise, sour cream, and mustard together. Add salt and pepper. Add chopped celery stalks, chopped red onions or young onions, chopped walnuts, fresh parsley, and dried grapes to this. Finally add the chopped chicken.

Step 4: Serve it on top of lettuce.

Fat Free Chicken Caesar Salad

A salad that is very often found on our menu because of its speed of preparation, simplicity, the multitude of vitamins and colorful that it brings to the table, and of course, because it is really refined! I make it as a main meal, in huge bowls, but it can also serve as a lunch package for work, appetizers as party food. If you don’t have a sumac, which I advise you to use it, put on some spice, curry or lemon thyme …. and enjoy! 🙂


2 onions or 1 red onion 

1 red pepper 

chicken breast

sumac, salt & garlic powder 

Arugula & Lettuce

Vegetables – tomatoes, grated carrot 

Optionally: cottage cheese or mozzarella 

1 dcl yoghurt sauce

1/2 squeezed lemon

4 tablespoons olive oil

1 tablespoon mayonnaise

some salt and chilli, chopped chives or other herbs


Step 1: Cut the chicken breast into small pieces or strips. Roll in salt and lots of powder and garlic powder. Sumak really makes a big difference, while the lemon gives it a special refreshing taste to the whole salad. 

Step 2: Cook the meat briefly on a low heat olive oil for less than eight minutes. The meat should remain very juicy but it must be roasted.

Step 3: Chop the onions and peppers very nicely and place in a bowl. Peel and finely chop the tomatoes or vegetables as desired and toss in a bowl. Put chicken in it as well. Stir everything well. Make a sauce of the above ingredients. Try it to see if something is missing. 

Step 4: Washed salad – I prefer garden radish or arugula, what I find in the garden, but put whatever salad you want in the bowl as well. Pour all over the sauce and add more olive oil or salt as desired. Don’t freak out about mayonnaise in a salad, you’ll have nothing from a tablespoon to a whole bowl. 

Caprese chicken salad with avocado

I have seen some variants of these salads on Instagram for a long time and have decided to make one of my own variants. 


1 chicken fillet

1 big tomato 

3-4 lettuce leaves 

mozzarella cheese 

1/2 avocado can

salt, oregano, basil, garlic powder, cayenne pepper or some hot pepper

 lemon juice, olive oil, fresh basil


Step 1: Put the chicken fillet in a marinade of olive oil, salt, oregano, basil, cayenne pepper or hot pepper, some garlic powder, lemon juice of half a lemon. Leave at least an hour to stand.

Step 2: Roast chicken on a pan than just the marinade for 4-5 minutes per side.

Step 3: Put a couple of lettuce leaves in a bowl. Cut avocados into slices, as well as tomatoes. Mozzarella is diced or it can be small balls which you can cut them. 

Step 4: Place the chicken around the avocado, tomato and mozzarella. Garnish with basil leaves. and pour olive oil over vegetables. and optionally lemon juice. 

Enjoy it alone, with your friends, for lunch or dinner, or take it to work…. Salad for all occasions!


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