How to Use Herbs as Medicine Better than Anyone Else

Simple processing of medicinal herbs is a must for everyone. Their use varies since any medicines are processed from them, for which green or dried herbs can be used. We should keep in mind that the green plant is more healing than the dry one, as many plants lose a little bit of the curative effect when dried. The simplest use of the service is to use some parts of the plant such as: herb leaves on the wounds on the skin. 

By drying and suppressing the medicinal herbs, we will have powders. Powders from dried herbs are used to cure many diseases, but they also serve to prepare medicines in pharmacies.

The secrets of Chamomile Herbal Tea 

The most common usage of herbs is tea. At the exact moment when we start to prepare the tea, we should dry and simmer the plants. The leaves and flowers easily release the healing effect, while for the roots more time is needed. If you make the tea at home from many types of herbs, you should always make sure to mix it very well. Combined teas should only be made with flowers and not other parts of the plant. 

The flowers and leaves should never be boiled but only pour boiling water. Then, cover and leave it for a specific time like that. It is a huge mistake to boil the herbs as they lose the healing properties, and also lose the essential oils. It is also a mistake to keep them in a container without a lid.

The main reason for the lack of trust that medicinal herbs are healing is the lack of good tea preparation knowledge as well as the small amount of herbs used. It is almost a common rule to add 10-15 blooming or chamomile flowers in half a liter of boiling water. They are then left for 30 – 60 min in boiling water and a container covered with lid to release as many healing ingredients as possible.

Have you Heard? Home Health Pharmacy is Essential for Your Health

Every home should have home pharmacy with medicinal herbs to prevent and cure many diseases as well as to protect yourself from them.

Why would you walk and waste time looking for chamomile or any other medicinal herbs in pharmacies when you can find them in every place close? Everyone should have at home different herbs except aspirin or other combined powders.

These herbs should be stored in thick paper bags or in cardboard boxes, which are fully covered and all boxes should be placed in a bigger box in a dry, dark and cold place. In each box write which plants are found in it, as well as the date when it was collected. Herbs cannot be stored forever. We must not forget that even the best healing herbs can quickly warp from various causes, such as: humidity, warmth, sunlight, impurity or the sudden change of temperature. Most of these medicinal herbs are destroyed from insects. Therefore they should be better stored and put in dry places, but often ventilated and protected from the sun

Below you can find the most necessary medicinal herbs that every housewife should have at home:

  • Flower: roses, poplars, birch
  • Leaf: mint, nuts, clover, sage, rosemary, birch,strawberries, nettle, raspberries
  • Fruit: coriander, blueberries, raspberries, gooseberry
  • Seed: pumpkin, quinces, watermelon, melon


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