Improve vision & cleanse your liver

How to improve your vision?

As the years pass, some functions in the body weaken, and this is completely normal. Improve vision & cleanse your liver by following these steps: 

The first to be hit are metabolism and vision – the digestive system starts to function poorly and vision slowly declines. But there are people who do not want to give in to the pressure of aging and disability and are constantly looking for ways to renew the body and prevent the signs of aging.

One of them is a 60-year-old woman, who found the solution in nature, or in the combination of several super-healthy foods. With this mixture, she was able to clear the blocked colon, fat from the liver and significantly improve her eyesight!


2-3 beets,

2 onions,

olive oil,

some vinegar,

a pinch of salt.


Peel the beetroot and cook until softened (it does not have to boil completely, just enough to boil for about ten minutes). Chop the cooked beets to pieces and place in a bowl. Repeat the same process with onions, then add oil, vinegar and salt.

Eat every day and you will be delighted with the fast results!

On the medical and scientific side, a basic principle of medicine is that if you do not use the muscles, they become weaker. Like any other muscle, you need to train your eye muscles and keep them in good working order. The Bright Side has selected scientifically proven ways to do this:

  • Close your eyes for a few minutes every 2-3 hours.
  • If you wear glasses, reduce the time of putting them on. Remove them from the eyes more often.
  • Give your eyes a massage with the help of gentle circular motions.
  • When walking in the open air, try to look into the distance more often than focusing on your feet or just in front of you.
  • Drink carrot juice as often as possible (preferably daily). If you want to get the most out of this practice, add one or two drops of olive oil. It will not spoil the taste at all, but it will help you absorb the healthy elements in carrot juice more effectively.
  • When your eyes feel tired, rinse with warm water.
  • Try not to look at the screen of a computer, TV or smartphone for at least two hours before going to bed.
  • Try the Indian Trataka exercise for the eyes. This will help your eyes and mind stay focused.
  • Sit in front of a small object placed in an open space (for example a candle). Focus your eyes and all your attention on it. Try not to ignore it. You should aim to have a strong and detailed image of the object in your mind and memory. Then close your eyes and focus your attention on the space between your eyebrows, trying to keep the image of the object in your head for as long as you can. Do this for about 10 minutes. The purpose of the exercise is to achieve a clear image of something before your eyes get tired.

Nowadays the number of people who have vision problems is significantly increasing. This is also due to the indiscriminate use of different screens, with extended hours and especially during the late hours of the night. Better than the use of various medications that can be

purchased at the pharmacy, for all those who have vision problems comes a new theory from the alternative medicine In order to improve poor eyesight mix 30 drops of berry juice with 50 ml of water. This should be drunk three times a day. You can also drink two glasses of berry juice a day as an alternative. 

In addition to the computer factor, which is the greatest risk to eye health, another risk is being posed to a lot of  smog. If it is impossible to avoid these three factors, some foods come to your eye protection: 

  • Carrots  have been proven to improve eyesight and keep eyes healthy. Carrots which contain beta-carotene, a very valuable antioxidant, reduces the risk of cataracts (blindness).
  • Another food to protect against eye damage is Spinach, which is very rich in iron and carotenoids, antioxidants that reduce the risk of degeneration in the “curtain”.
  • Vitamin C is very necessary for the body, but also for the eyes, as it removes radicals that cause damage. Fruits such as kiwi, orange and ideas are recommended for eye protection.
  • Garlic and onions are “ideal” to improve eyesight, as these foods contain sulfur, which makes the lens of the eye stronger and more resistant.
  • Egg in addition to the benefits it brings to the body, it protects the eyes from cataracts (the curtain of the eye).
  • Broccoli contains antioxidants that protect the eyes from the stress factor and improve eyesight.

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