Lemon and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Wonders

You want to have fresh skin, look younger and have a healthy liver? A sip of this mixture of Lemon and Extra Virgin Olive Oil every morning does wonders!


The liver plays the role of a blood factory and recycler for our body. It participates in the process of blood regeneration and revitalization. The liver also helps to strengthen and stimulate digestion in the body while at the same time purifies the blood and eliminates all toxins, impurities and bad fats from it.


We can conclude that a pure liver brings health, vitality, energy, good looks and a good mood. While you can use different acid toner or the best acid toners for a smooth and younger skin, having a splash of lemon juice on a daily basis, can help do that better than lactic acid toners. 


The best means of preventing liver disease is to clean it every day – drink a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice every morning on an empty stomach. The extra virgin olive oil helps your digestive system to better and faster acquire the acidity that the lemon has and infuses it into your body. 


Afterwards, you can enjoy your breakfast or choose one of our 7 Ideas of a Healthy Breakfast


You can prepare this “cocktail” all your life, as both ingredients are common foods and very healthy. 

After only a month you will feel the changes happening to your body. Your appearance will improve, dark circles under your eyes will disappear, your complexion will become fresh and you will be rejuvenated. The intestines will work like a clock, you forget about constipation and digestive problems. With some words You will feel healthy and energized.


Regular or extra virgin olive oil like no other product, helps open the channels of the liver and gallbladder. Bile is an active participant in the digestive process that speeds up the work of your intestines. Lemon and cranberry have the same effect on digestion. But it certainly has no effect on its characteristics and can be  also stored at room temperature.


The beneficial properties of lemons are well known to all. First, lemon is a great source of vitamin C. Second, it effectively cleanses the blood vessels of cholesterol deposits and contributes to cleansing the liver.


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