Lose Weight Without Diet? It Is Possible With This Drink From Ginger and Green Tea 

Lose Weight Without Diet? It Is Possible With This Drink From Ginger and Green Tea 

Without the slightest doubt, it can be said that ginger & green tea is one of the greatest gifts people can make to themselves. Researchers have found that ginger & green tea contains about 200 nutritional and therapeutic ingredients and the effects of ginger green tea are great in the body.

In terms of weight loss, ginger & green tea achieves a significant effect within a month, melting the fats in the body, mainly in problem areas, such as the abdomen and thighs. Ginger & green tea is also very effective for melting fats in the blood.

The results are achieved through a standard meal plan, ie. people get results without following a specific diet. With no side effects, people can use this tea without interruption until the proper weight index is achieved. 

Ginger & green tea is also known for its exceptional therapeutic value. Because of its values, it is used for skin regeneration, has anti-inflammatory effects, is anti-inflammatory, prevents and fights skin cancer, etc.

Ginger alone prevents and fights colon and ovarian cancer, ovarian cancer, is analgesic, prevents and cures heart disease, fights menstrual disorders, prevents heart attack, controls blood sugar levels, relieves migraine, dilutes blood, strengthens immunity, stimulates ovulation, fights stomach ulcers, influenza, skin diseases, etc.

Even green tea is quite rich in therapeutic properties. Because of its presence in the catechin, which is an antitumor molecule, green tea is used for the prophylaxis of cancerous diseases, such as: leukemia, skin, breast, kidney, prostate, etc. Also, remarkable is green tea in improving liver activity and removing toxins from the body. 


In one liter of water add 6 bags of green tea as well as 3 tablespoons of ground ginger (in the absence of ground ginger, add one serving of raw ginger). Boil it for 10-15 minutes.

After boiling, the solution is drained.


Drink 1 cup 30 minutes before breakfast and one cup 30 minutes after dinner.

If your blood fat level is high or your body weight is high. Then it is recommended to consume 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). The effect increases if lemon juice is added.

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