Make the Best Turkey for Thanksgiving

Tips on How to Make the Best Turkey for Thanksgiving

The end of November is reserved for baked turkey, sweet potato puree, cranberry sauce, fruit pies, and other special occasions to celebrate Thanksgiving day with family and friends. Let’s take a look at this article, and with the help of cool tips and recipes, make our Thanksgiving happy, and be thankful for delicious and fragrant food, for everything that makes our lives happy and fulfilling

The only thing you can’t stay without is a turkey! Why turkey? That it is cheap meat that can satiate a large family seems to me the most acceptable answer. Many marinate the turkey a day earlier or, as in recent years advised by gastro journals, soak the turkey in salted water to make it soft and juicy. Roasting of the whole turkey starts in the early morning. Kick it off at a gentle temperature, so that the meat is even and well-roasted by lunch.

Stuffing is required either to be stuffed along with turkey or to be baked separately. It is usually the most delicious part of the turkey chapter. It consists of soaked bread or rice and, if desired, sausages, herbs, dried cranberries, onions, celery, carrots, dried fruits.

The gravy, which is added to sliced ​​turkey meat, is prepared from leftover fat and meat in a baking dish, soups made from turkey offal and inedible parts, with the possible addition of dried mushrooms and herbs and flour. The turkey chapter can’t end without cranberry sauce. Bitter-sour-sweet and bright red, it is prepared from fresh cranberries by adding sugar and a variety of spices, from cinnamon to cloves and orange peel. 

Under a separate chapter I would put the side dishes, which are certainly the most imaginative part of lunch. On the table are all seasonal, plain potatoes and batatas, whether mashed or roasted, pumpkins, sprouts, green leafy vegetables. All of these prepared in a hundred different ways. In addition to combinations with bacon, sausages, onions, we often find unusual sweet-salty combinations such as batatas with marshmallows, chestnuts.

Preparing Thanksgiving lunch is a major undertaking that is generally attended by all guests. In the sense that everyone prepares and brings something! 


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