Slow Down Aging With This Tea And Battle The Cold

Prepare for the daytime cold and flu with this drink and slow down aging skin 


There is a season of colds and flu coming, so we must strengthen the body and maximally protect ourselves and we have the perfect solution with Slow Down Aging With This Tea And Battle The Cold. 

Therefore, it is best to seek help at a natural pharmacy.

The recipe you read has been proven many times to be very effective and curative for numerous ailments and health conditions. So, why not give it a try!

The mixture of garlic, honey and lemon slows down the aging process. Since these ingredients are readily available and very healthy, it is worth a try.


  • 10 garlic cloves
  • 10 lemons squeezed
  • 1 kg of honey
  • In this mixture you can add one ginger root and
  • 50-100 ml coconut oil.


Finely chop 10 garlic cloves and mix it with 1 kg of honey and 10 lemons.

Store the mixture in a glass jar, cover and allow to stand for eight to ten (8-10) days.

After this period consume one tablespoon of this natural elixir twice daily, in the morning on a fast and in the evening after the last meal.

Please note

Two tablespoons of this mixture can be mixed with a tablespoon of coconut oil and a tablespoon of grated ginger to enhance the flavor and enhance the effect. You can also mix these ingredients in the beginning when preparing the mixture.

This elixir is very healing because it contains garlic. Here’s why:

  1. Garlic is a great remedy against colds because it helps remove and reduce dense secretions. It also works against cramps and inflammation.
  2. Garlic strengthens the immune system. It reduces gas and prevents diarrhea.
  3. It works soothing and improves mood.
  4. Garlic has an antibiotic effect on bacteria, viruses and parasites!
  5. Garlic lowers blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels in the blood.

In addition, they prevent blood clots. Garlic reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke by 50%.

  1. Garlic contains many anti-carcinogenic ingredients which means it prevents cancer.

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