The Top 5 Healthy Foods that Every Smart Individual Should Eat

In order for the organism to function at is best, it needs to be supplied with energy and nutrients every day. It is the same with the brain, which is one of the largest energy consumers in the body. For adults, energy and quality nutrient-rich foods are essential for their proper functioning and healthy living.

How to Prepare 3 Fat Free Chicken Salad Recipes Faster Than You Ever Imagined

Diabetic Chicken Salad with Grapes A quick salad ideal for lunch or a light dinner. Ingredients (4people): 1/2 kg-1kg chicken breast 1/2 lemon  5 tablespoons of mayonnaise 2-3 tablespoons of low carb sour cream 1 tablespoon of mustard  2 celery stalks  1/2 red onion or young onion Chopped nuts – optionally 1 tablespoon of dried