Bananas are very healthy but be careful!

More than 50% of the bananas we eat today are genetically modified and are dangerous to our health! Unfortunately, more and more foods are genetically modified. Soya is is the most genetically modified food, so please avoid it. Bananas are very healthy, nutritious, rich in vitamins and minerals, especially potassium (which is very good for

Slow Down Aging With This Tea And Battle The Cold

Prepare for the daytime cold and flu with this drink and slow down aging skin    There is a season of colds and flu coming, so we must strengthen the body and maximally protect ourselves and we have the perfect solution with Slow Down Aging With This Tea And Battle The Cold.  Therefore, it is

Best Fish Oil Benefits You Will Read This Year

Best Fish Oil Benefits You Will Read This Year Fish oil is one of the most used supplements. The World Health Organization recommends eating 1-2 servings of fish per week. This recommendation is based on the idea that omega-3 fatty acids can offer many health benefits and protect the body from disease. Supplements can help

The Next Big Thing in Losing Weight: Apple Cider Vinegar

You already know the benefits of apple cider vinegar and its uses starting from pickles, salads and various foods. Maybe you don’t believe it, but eating apple cider vinegar before you fall asleep will improve your overall health and life!  Here are the 9 health benefits of apple cider vinegar: Weight loss: Based on many

There is a reason why it’s called “The Magic Seed”. Find Out About Its Benefits

“The Magic Seed” There is a reason why its called “The Magic Seed”, Chia seeds is the super food that everyone talks about! Most define that this healing seed is the “magic” seed, a food that performs small miracles within our bodies. Small and white or black in color, chia seeds are rich in fatty