The 13 Best Ways to Use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

If you have had to spend a lot of money on expensive cosmetics products, it is time to consider these tips that you can accomplish with a single product.

There are many products we know very little about, such as Vaseline for which we have little knowledge. However, this product is very much needed in our daily lives. The list below will show you how much Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is needed in our lives.

Body Moisturizer: You can apply it to body parts that are prone to dry, such as. elbows and knees. For softer hands, apply petroleum jelly on your hands, wear gloves, and wear it all night.

Facial Cleanser: Hurry to bed after a tiring day and get rid of your makeup? Apply this product on a cotton pad and use to cleanse the face and neck.

To avoid having lipstick on your teeth, put some petroleum jelly on your teeth to keep them white! This is a method widely used in professional makeup techniques.

To keep the scent of your perfume as high as possible, first wipe the neck with a cotton swab and then spray the scent.

To remove false eyelashes, put some Petroleum Jelly.

To keep your lips soft, use petroleum jelly. It is ideal in winter, especially to repair the carp created.

Facial Cream: Apply Vaseline before bedtime all over your face, for a smooth skin. Marilyn Monroe did the same.

For Double Hair Tips: Apply petroleum jelly to the ends of your hair to give your hair a healthier look and nourished hair.

Body Scrub: Mix sea salt and petroleum jelly and use as a natural scrub for your body.

Clean shoes with a piece of Vaseline dyed cloth, the result will be great, the shoes will be like new!

Cracked heels: Apply a layer of petroleum jelly on your feet at night, cover them with socks, and wake up with softer legs every day! This way, you are not ashamed every time you go for a pedicure.

Remove stains: Vaseline can be used to remove stains from your clothes, as well as pillows, blankets and closets. With a clean damp cloth, apply petroleum jelly on your clothes and rinse to see how they disappear.

Hair dyeing: Coat your hair with vaseline petroleum jelly before brushing your hair to avoid discoloration.

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