The Fruits that Help You Live Longer

There are very effective ways of systematically and for a relatively long time using fruits for enhancing health and fighting various diseases. The fruits can help you live longer and that has been proved. 


Fruit therapies are well known by us and are widely used in practice. There are multiple treatments that can be done by consuming half to 2-3 kg of fruit daily and continuing this for 10-20 days or more.


During the course of treatment, the body is cleansed of unnecessary poisons and salts that accumulate in the joints and cause pain. It reduces the amount of fat that aggravates the body. At the time of fruit therapy other food should be light, free fats, and doughs, sufficient in quantity, preferring salads and herbal soups rich in vitamins and mineral salts.

Practice shows that fruit cures are also very useful in combating various diseases. Effective are the results of treatment with fruits like nuts, hazelnuts, or almonds to reinforce the weakened organism and restore health to chestnuts, nipples, nails or diarrhea against diarrhea; with raisins, lemons or strawberries against rheumatism and arthritis dates can help, blackberries, tangerines and cherries against anemia. Plums, hazelnuts and oil against liver disease; apples against heart disease; with oranges and cherries against kidney disease.

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