This Is How Dates Can Help You Lose Weight

Have You Heard? This Is How Dates Can Help You Lose Weight


With the dates diet you can lose about 8 pounds per month without changing your eating habits. It “respects” the people who find it difficult to maintain a diet without requiring any sacrifice and self-discipline to follow this diet. Reason? Dates have powerful satiety properties. There is no other food to have more potent satiety effects than dates.

By consuming dates, and following This Is How Dates Can Help You Lose Weight, some people may not want to eat the meal. This solution is quite good and we strongly recommend it, as dates have all the elements needed to supply the body. Although consumed in small quantities. In desert, dates and dairy are the main food (with no other nutritional supplements).


According to a research conducted by the Umraniye Research and Education Hospital. According to the study, people who consumed 3 dates one hour before a meal ate less food. This is as a result of reduced appetite and a sense of satiety. From the data, it was noted that patients at the end of the month had dropped 8 pounds.

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In addition, dates have a very high nutritional value. It contains vitamins A, vitamins B1, vitamins B6, vitamins C, vitamins D, iron, magnesium, sodium, calcium, zinc, sulfur, chlorine, etc. Although it contains plenty of carbohydrates (3.5 oz of dates contain 2 oz carbohydrates), it is not a risk factor for diabetics because it contains only fructose. Although it has fat in its composition, dates contain no cholesterol at all. 

Due to its composition, dates prevent liver diseases, tonifies muscles, eliminates parasites, fights thyroid diseases, strengthens the nervous system, cleanses the kidneys and urinary tracts, enlarges brain activity, etc.

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